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Joysy John is the CEO of 01 Founders, tuition-free coding schools with a job-guarantee to improve diversity in tech and tackle the digital skills gap. Joysy is passionate about education, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. Previously she was the Director of Education at Nesta, UK’s innovation foundation and CIO of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills.

Joysy is in the Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential BAME leaders in UK Tech. She was appointed by the Department of Education to the Edtech Leadership Group and by the Welsh Government to the expert panel on Schooling Reimagined. She left her banking career in 2012 to change education after spending a decade working across Singapore, US and UK.

She holds a Computer Engineering (Honours) degree from Nanyang Technological University, funded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.  She also has an MBA with Distinction from London Business School where she was the President of the Women in Business Club and a Forte Scholar.


My family

I was born in Kerala, India and grew up in Uttar Pradesh. My mum was a teacher who instilled a growth mindset in me. My dad helped build a strong work ethic. I am the eldest of three siblings and the first person in my family to study computer engineering, to go abroad and to do a masters degree. Now I live in London with my husband and two daughters.

My education

I studied computer programming in the early 90s in India. Thanks to my school St Mary’s Convent High School, I learnt to code at the age of 12. My Computer Science teacher inspired me to become a software engineer and nurtured my love for algorithms and problem-solving . I was fortunate to get a scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Singapore for my undergraduate studies. I graduated with a Computer Engineering Honours degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2000. I got a Forte Foundation scholarship for my masters. Graduated with an MBA with Distinction from London Business School in 2008.

Debating and public speaking changed my life. I have represented my university in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. I continue to learn and hope that someday I’ll go back to university for my post-doctoral studies.

My career

I have nearly two decades of work experience across technology, banking, education entrepreneurship and charity leadership. I have worked across corporates (JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, EF Education First), charities (Ada College, Nesta, Startup Leadership) and startups (Founders Fit, Emerge, Flow, Stir Education). I have been a computer engineer, business analyst, banker, angel investor, entrepreneur, non-profit leader and strategy consultant at various phases of my career. I have lived and worked across Asia, US and Europe and launched numerous startups.

My passion

I am passionate about technology education, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. Professionally I am on an adventure to close the digital skills gap in UK and address the gender gap in tech, especially in Artificial Intelligence. I am excited about the opportunity to transform education and empower more women to innovate, create and shape technologies in the future.

This is my way of sharing the joy of technology and inspiring young people to learn digital skills so they can solve big challenges and have an impact on the world.

Outside of work, I love to paint, travel, read and meditate.

Lessons learnt

  1. Build a diverse network
  2. Seek out opportunities
  3. Our life is what our thoughts make it
  4. Magic happens when you go beyond your comfort zone
  5. Count your blessings, not your troubles

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