Joysy speaks about technology, education innovation, career transitions, entrepreneurship, diversity, startup investments, creativity, leadership and change. She inspires audiences at conferences, corporate events, charity events, hackathons, workshops or seminars.

University of the Philippines, Manila, 8 Jan 2024

Online guest lecture to masters students at the National College of Public Administration and Governance. Spoke about the impact of AI on the workforce, need for governance and leadership in an AI-driven world.

Transformbase, London, 9 Nov 2023

Chaired a panel discussion at TransformBase’s  inaugural event on skills for the age of artificial intelligence.

Diplomatic Courier’s Wellbeing Forum, London, 9 Oct 2023

Panel discussion on the the impact of Artificial Intelligence on wellbeing. How do we help the future arrive well for all? What can we do to promote a human-centric future where exponential technology is used for good?

Science Council, London, 19 Oct 2023

Artificial Intelligence has surged in the public consciousness in recent months with new tools and more media debate about the potential benefits and risks of its use in our society. Despite this, there remains limited understanding by policymakers and science organisations on the impact of AI in the STEM workforce, particularly in terms of demand for various technical skills, or upskilling existing science and
technology professionals. This session opens a space for discussion, acknowledging the work our community has to do for policy to catch up with technology. Programme details here.

UNESCO MGIEP, Delhi, 5-7 Dec 2022

Panel discussion on “Ensuring Well Being through Social Emotional Learning in the Digital World” and panel discussion on “Changing Behaviours for Improved Education Outcomes“.

Edtech Summit, Birmingham, 18 Nov 2022

Masterclass on inclusion covering the intersection of technology and inclusion and how to leverage it for the best outcomes. Examples of tech enabled learning in the classroom and at home. Shared practices that schools and colleges can apply in their own classrooms.

Edtech World Forum, London, 15 Nov 2022

Keynote on Rethinking the Traditional Education Model

Israel Edtech Week, Tel Aviv, Oct 2022

Education World Forum, 26 May 2022

Chaired Ministerial Exchange on Understanding and Ensuring Ethical Application of AI.

Ministerial exchange A – Video – Education World Forum (theewf.org)-22dtsy

Tech Talks Podcast, Dec 2021

Great to speak with David Savage at Harvey Nash Group about the importance of peer-to-peer learning in education for the Teck Talks podcast.

The Times Tech Summit, 9 Dec 2021

‘Mind the Gap: Addressing the Skills Shortage,’ panel discussion with Saul Klein, Simon Lafosse, Chris Loake, Milena Nikolic & Hannah Prevett.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap Podcast, Nov 2021

CILED (Center of Innovation for Educational Leadership), Santiago, How can we make education inclusive, innovative and fit for the future? 26 Nov 2021

Edtech Summit, Birmingham, Fireside chat about the future of education, 18 Nov 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week, Visionnaires Masterclass, 11 Nov 2021

Visionnaires ground-breaking entrepreneurship programmes available in 12 colleges across London and the North of England. Spoke about entrepreneurship and judged the startup pitches.

The Edge Foundation, Skills Shortages in the UK Economy, 21 Oct 2021

Elevating Founders Europe, 23 Sep 2021

London Tech Week, Skills – what do we need, how we will get them and where does this leave us? 20 Sep 2021

UK Embassy in UAE panel: The Value of IT/AI Skills and Competencies in Girls’ Education, 7 Sep 2021

Founders Forum, 17 Jun 2021

SHAPE Live, Learning, unlearning and relearning, 15 Jun 2021

Watch recording #SHAPELive | Learning, unlearning and relearning – YouTube

FED National Education Summit, 3 Mar 2021

The International Education and Skill Summit, Challenges & Opportunities of Edtech, 27 Jan 2021

BETTFest, Digital Inclusion in Education, 21 Jan 2021

Closing the Achievement Gap in the Connected Classroom, 3 Dec 2020

New report from Microsoft and The Centre for Education and Youth on the digital divide. This was a panel discussion for the report launch.

Schools Plus Oxford Education Inequality panel, 19 Nov 2020

Schools Plus places university students as tutors for local state school pupils in Oxford to support their learning and help them realise their potential. Is virtual teaching and learning the way forward? If this is, to some extent, an inevitability, how will we solve the digital divide that leaves many students without access to technology?

Hodder Education and Eduu.School webinar, Hybrid Learning, 12 Nov 2020

An open and collaborative panel with schools, industry and teachers. Focused on sharing practice and the emergence of potential pathways forward for Hybrid Learning.

iGlobal Diwali Fest, The Future of Education panel, 7 Nov 2020

With home schooling becoming a norm during lockdown, and thousands of university students now stuck in halls – the battle for teachers to retain heart and minds just got harder than ever. Specially curated by Indian Young Professional’s Network London (IYPN) – this panel asks whether the pandemic has accelerated a tech-led revolution in education? And is it here to stay?

I,Scientist conference, 16 Sep 2020

Speech on social entrepreneurship at the virtual conference on gender, career path and networking.

LearnIt, Not wasting the crisis: Leading with equity in the post COVID-19 world, 16 Jul 2020

Panel discussion chaired by Laurie Forcier, with Nancy Gutierrez, President & CEO, NYC Leadership Academy, Joysy John, Director of Education, Nesta, Roberta Malee Bassett, Global Lead for Tertiary Education, World Bank & Liz Robinson, Co-Director, Big Education

Karanga Global SEL Conference, 30 Jun 2020

Shared insights into the current opportunity for educational transformation with a focus on policy, research and practice around Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills.

Reboot the Future, Good After COVID-19, How should schools Reboot the Future? 18 Jun 2020

Fishbowl discussion chaired by Kim Polman on how should schools reboot the future.


EdtechX Online Summit, 12-13 May 2020

Discovering the future of  learning This discussion brings together the perspective of experts in; investments, designers of adult learning systems which help tackle inequality and social exclusion, and EdTech evidence enthusiasts to debate what a healthy future of learning could look like 18 month after the pandemic.

CogX, The HR and Edtech Revolution, 8-9 Jun 2020

Panelist on “Welcome to the largest digital education experiment ever. How has COVID-19 changed the world of learning?”. Moderated by Lauren Kisser, Director, Alexa Info International at Amazon, Speakers included Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design at the UCL Knowledge Lab, Priya Lakhani, Founder, Century Tech and Jon Abbey, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Camden Learning.

Moderator on “Knowledge 2030 – What should we be learning?”. Speakers included Conrad Wolfram, Founder of Wolfram Alpha and Computer Based Maths, Dr Penny Mealy, post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of New Economic Thinking and the Smith School of Environment and Enterprise, and Alan Greenberg, investor and advisor.

Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined, 15-16 Apr 2020 

Panellist on “Leading education systems through times of crisis and uncertainty”. Moderated by Dominic Regester, Program Director, Salzburg Global Seminar. Other speakers included Francisco Marmolejo, Education Advisor, Qatar Foundation and Thomas Hatch, Professor at Teachers College and Co-Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching, Columbia University.

BETT, Evidence in EdTech: how we can better understand our impact? London, 22-24 Jan 2020

The EdTech Innovation Testbed, run by Nesta in partnership with the Department for Education, will support schools and colleges in England to try out EdTech products, while being supported to evaluate their impact through short trials. This session will explore different ways that EdTech can be evaluated to better understand its impact on teachers and learners, and discuss how the EdTech Innovation Testbed is pioneering a new way of running evaluations.

Education World Forum, One generation – what does it take to transform education? 19-22 Jan 2020

Chaired panel discussion on ‘Stimulating and developing technology support for learning’. How should we optimize the use of artificial intelligence-based technology developments, data management and security to provide focused support for learners, teaching and development? What are the differences between good and bad help when it comes to developing the application of technology to teaching and learning?

Nesta Predictions 2020,  London, 16 Jan 2020

Nesta’s annual predictions event where I predicted that UK finally acts to prevent a lost generation. See detailed prediction here.

Economist Intelligence Unit, Digital Economy: Digital Skills Podcast, Jan 2020

As cloud computing, network connectivity, and commodity hardware have reduced barriers to the technical infrastructure of the digital economy, talent and skills have emerged as the most sought after fuel for innovation. But work such as software development or data science can in theory be delivered from anywhere, geography still seems to influence the market for digital skills, with hubs such as Silicon Valley acting as beacons for talentWe discuss the dynamics of digital skills, exploring how digitisation itself is shaping their supply and demand. Host Pete Swabey is joined by Joysy John, director of education at UK innovation foundation Nesta, and Chris Johnson, CEO and co-founder of talent acquisition platform Uncubed.

Microsoft Leadership Forum, Dec 2019

Keynote at Microsoft Leadership Forum on creating an education system that is innovative, inclusive and fit for the future.

Wise Summit, UnLearn ReLearn – What it Means to be Human, Doha, Qatar, 19-21 Nov 2019

Panel discussion on “The Power of Many: Harnessing Collective Intelligence”. How can we support collaborative learning ecosystems? How can collective knowledge be explored as both a teaching and learning tool? What is the role of new technologies and data in enhancing human-machine collaboration?

INACAP Education Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1-2 Aug 2019

Keynote at the Education Congress at INACAP, the largest technical education institution in Chile. Shared my vision for a vocational and technical education system that is more inclusive, innovative and fit for the future. Presented Nesta’s women in AI research and future skills research.

UN AI for Good Summit, Geneva, 29 May 2019

Presented Nesta’s work on how we create innovators through challenge prize and how we measure impact. Led a brainstorm during the AI in the Community track.

APPG Inclusion and Diversity in STEM, at the House of Lords, 20 May 2019

Presented evidence on inequity in STEM education system in the UK and potential policy changes that could alleviate this inequity. The inquiry was chaired by Baroness Brown.

BESA, DfE and BEIS Industry Day, 13 May 2019

Presented the Edtech Innovation Fund and Testbed, a partnership between the Department for Education (DfE) and Nesta to deliver the Edtech Strategy. The event was chaired by British Education Suppliers Association (BESA). Participated in a panel on incubators and accelerators to support Edtech companies,  chaired by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

APPG AI evidence meeting at the House of Lords, 18 Mar 2019

Digifest, Birmingham, Keynote on How to Create a Broader, Fairer and Smarter Education, 13 Mar 2019

In a world that is rapidly changing, how do we create an education system that prepares all learners to thrive in the future world of work? Nesta’s research on the future of skills shows that skills like creativity, communication, problem-solving and resilience will be more important than ever. Making more effective use of technology and data can help make education more convenient, accessible and effective. Businesses, academia and government will need to work in partnership to ensure that the education system is fit for the future.

SXSW Edu, Austin, Education Rebooted,5 Mar 2019

What does the future look like if AI is embedded within our education system?

Nesta Education Summit: Shaping the Future, Shifting the System, 28 Feb 2019

What would an education system that really prepares young people for the future look like? Nesta’s flagship education conference to explore what our rapidly changing world means for the future of our education institutions, teachers and learners.

Learning Lounge, The Entrepreneurial Learner, 13 Feb 2019

Teens in AI, GenZ hackathon, 26 Jan 2019

BETT, How to Prepare All Learners to Thrive in the Future, 25 Jan 2019

Commons Education Select Committee inquiry on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, chaired by Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Oct 2018

Written evidence submitted by Nesta, UK’s innovation foundation.  Joysy gave evidence to the Education Select Committee on the suitability of the current curriculum to prepare young people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The challenges and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics present.

Business in The Community Northern Ireland, Responsible Business Summit, 10 Oct 2018

Keynote on why education is the best way to future-proof your business. Workshop on the key insights from Nesta’s Future Skills report and how education and business leaders can work together to better prepare young people for the future.

Shaping the Future, AI in Education, Israel, 3 Sep 2018

Panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in Education. Workshop on what it means to combine human and machine intelligence to improve education outcomes for all.

Nesta Future Fest, Educ-AItion Rebooted, 6 Jul 2018

Chaired a panel with Sir Anthony Seldon and Azeem Azhar on the future of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Explored how AI can address some of the biggest challenges in our education system, what are the risks and benefits of this technology and how do we maximise its potential for good.

See video of the AI in Education panel at Future Fest

Office for Students, Future of skills and employment, and student choice, 28 Feb 2018

Spoke at the launch conference of Office for Students that brought together students and student representatives, higher education providers, academics, politicians and third sector organisations, to discuss and debate the role of the new regulator for English higher education providers.

Whole Education, 8th Annual Conference Attainment is Not Enough, 28 Feb 2018

Joined the roundtable with Neil Carberry, Lord Jim Knight, Professor Rose Luckin to share Nesta’s research on the skills needed for future and how educators can support learners to be better prepared for work and life.

“Education should be about broadening minds, enriching communities and advancing civilisation. Ultimately it is about leaving the world a better place than we found it” – TES article 

Acting Now for Future Skills, 30 Nov 2017

Nesta’s flagship education and skills event, bringing together those who are working to improve our education system now with those who are thinking about the skills required in the future. An audience of over 200 policymakers, educationalists, funders and innovators from across the education and skills fields. We explored, interrogated, showcased and celebrated some of the most exciting emerging trends and practical approaches to education.

XIME Bangalore, Chennai, August 2017

Guest lecture to masters students at XIME Chennai and XIME Bangalore on what makes a great leader and practical career advice. Conducted staff workshop on how to expand entrepreneurship education at XIME and further develop the incubator. More info about the events here.

Computer Weekly Diversity in Tech conference, 4 Oct 2017 at CodeNode

Spoke about why it is important to have a diverse tech pipeline. What are some of the myths and facts for bridging the diversity gap in tech? What are some best practices and examples that work in making tech more diverse? Offered practical advice and actions that IT employers can take to bring about change. See video here.

Tech London Advocates Diversity in Tech event, 6 Oct 2016 at Here East

I was privileged to speak to an audience of over 900 tech advocates alongside many distinguished speakers including Baroness Martha Lane Fox (Doteveryone), Maggie Philbin (TeenTech), Sherry Couto (Scale Up Institute & Founders4Schools), Russ Shaw (Tech London Advocates), Rajesh Agarwal (Deputy Mayor for Business) among many others . See the agenda and brochure for the Diveristy in Tech Programme

Read my interview in the Manifesto published by Tech London Advocates – Diversity in Tech

Keynote at #EngineerOurFuture Hackathon for Girls, 24 Sep 2016 at Imperial College

Shared my personal story of being a woman in tech and inspired 50 girls (14-16 year old). Believe in Yourself. Don’t be afraid of reinventing yourself. Follow your passion.

Women Encouraged to Engineer Our Future, a write-up about the event by Dr Jess Wade, Imperial College London

Code First Girls masterclass at Google Campus, Aug 2016

Inspiring stories of learning to code at age 12, career transitions and lessons from my experience as a women and mother working in tech.

Presented at Investment 2020 and Henderson event, Apr 2016

Presented to career advisers and students on Why Build a Technology Career Through Apprenticeships. See coverage of the event by Computer Weekly.

Inside Government conference Developing Digital Skills for the Next Generation, May 2016

Presented on Delivering Effective Digital Education and the launch of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills.

Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders Today conference, Feb 2016

Panelist on Different Career Paths Taken by Women in Tech. Also ran a workshop on Digital Skills. Event covered by Information Age.

Assembled Education: Are you ready for the Future by General Assembly, Jun 2014

Panelist on Women in Business Conference at London Business School, 2013

Navigating the Channels of Change video

Women Entrepreneur event at Guildhall, City of London Corporation, Jul 2012

Founders Fit hosted a series of lunch events for women founders focused on healthcare, fashion, education and charity sector.

Keynote on Viral Campaigns from an Investor’s Perspective at MatchNHack hackathon, Jul 2012

Teaching a class on Database at the inaugural Code First Girls workshop at Level39, Aug 2013.

Joysy wants to increase diversity in the tech sector. By empowering women to learn coding and build solutions to problems that they face. See the blog post.

Presented on Collaborating for Success at Ellevate, June 2013

Ellevate is a global community of professional women who create, inspire and lead. Members get to connect, learn and invest in women.

Panelist for Enterprise Forum at the House of Lords, organised by Pink Shoe, 2012

Discussion on the EU Consultation on Entrepreneurship, to which Pink Shoe Club jointly contributed alongside the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship.