UK Finally Acts to Prevent a Lost Generation

We live in a world driven by automation.
They call it the 4th industrial revolution.

Education system needs a transformation.
Schools want to teach empathy & collaboration.

China and Japan, once leaders in memorisation,
Have now reversed this to skills in innovation.

We live in a knowledge economy with AI adoption & data proliferation.
The irony is that we need more than knowledge in this age of digital domination.

OECD, Nesta and Durham Commission
Are calling for creativity & critical thinking in education.

Let’s not teach our kids to compete with computerisation,
As we’ll fail current & future generation.

England is the leader in rote-learning;
Finland has the best outcomes & teaching.

To thrive, you need competence and confidence;
When you fail, you need resilience and perseverance.

Canada, Singapore and Australia are all leading with new pedagogy
It’s not enough to have classrooms filled with cool Technology.

What matters is quality teaching,
And personalising learning,
And students engaging,
In life-long learning.

To make the most of our human capacity,
Young people need Skills and opportunity.

Exam results alone won’t crack social-mobility;
They talk about GDP growth & productivity,
But to future-proof our prosperity,
Give priority to HUMANity.

I predict that in 2020, UK Education system will finally refocus on broader skills & creativity. For more details read Nesta prediction.

January 19, 2020

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